Asage Financial LLC a California Registered Investment Adviser 

A summary of services we provide:

  • For individuals
    • Financial Planning
      • Lifestyle management - net worth statements, cash flow analysis, goal setting (standard of living, career, educational, new business, real estate, debt reduction, contingency funds, leisure time, and retirement)
      • Risk management - estate planning and insurance assessment (home, auto, extra umbrella coverage, life, disability, long-term care, self-insurance and deductible analysis)
      • Investment Management - goals (retirement, other), risk (volatility) assumptions, macro assumptions (global economic conditions and asset class valuations), investment policy statements (portfolio asset allocation, time horizon, expected return)
    • Financial management
      • Design and implementation of financial reporting and budgeting 
      • Professional coordination - with attorneys, accountants, insurance brokers, real estate agents, bankers, mortgage brokers


  • For families and enterprises:
    • Turnaround management and consulting
    • Strategic Business Planning
      • Business enterprise SWOT analysis (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)
      • Short and long term budgeting (projected balance sheet, income statement and cash flow)
    • Financial and operation support
      • What if (scenario) modeling - ongoing operations and entity buy-sell assumptions
      • Professional coordination - with attorneys, accountants, insurance brokers, bankers, business valuation professionals
      • Finance, accounting and IT department supervision
    • Financial System Design and Implementation 
      • Reporting - revenue and cost centers, standard, LIFO or average costing
      • Budgeting - overall entity, sales, manufacturing, administrative and general departments
      • Project management - computer system selection and installation (hardware configuration, network-software applications, security and backup systems)